Shakib’s upcoming film fixed its title to ‘Ektu Prem Dorkar’

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Shakib’s upcoming film fixed its title to ‘Ektu Prem Dorkar’ Empty Shakib’s upcoming film fixed its title to ‘Ektu Prem Dorkar’

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Shakib’s upcoming film fixed its title to ‘Ektu Prem Dorkar’ 5-2148802098455628425-o-1539184754716

After changing the title twice, Shakib Khan’s upcoming film has been finally named “Ektu Prem Dorkar.”

The film, directed by Shahin Sumon and produced by Shapla Media, was originally titled “Ektu Prem Dorkar Manoniyo Sarkar.” The name was then changed to “Culprit.”

However, on Monday the director informed that the name “Ektu Prem Dorkar” has been finalized for the film.

Shahin Sumon said in a press statement: "We recently finalized the name of the film. The name has been shortened by removing the ‘Manoniyo Sarkar.’ From now on, the name of the film will be ‘Ektu Prem Dorkar.’ The film will be released in this name. In the meantime, we have registered the name in the Director's Association.”

"The first name was incompatible with the story. After that, several names, including ‘Culprit,’and ‘Captain,’ were proposed. Among everything we liked this name. I felt that this name fits the film perfectly,” added the director.

He also said: "We are currently shooting the film in Dhaka until next week, to complete the first stage of the project. We did shoot of some sequences so far. In addition to fighting and song shooting, there will be few sequences left. We will not be shooting anymore in this month. After completing the first stage of shooting, we will take some time to start shooting for the second stage. We hope that by next month we can start shooting that.”

Shahin Sumon’s last film with Shakib Khan was in 2015. Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas paired up together for that film titled “Love Marriage.”

Shabnam Bubly will be seen alongside Shakib Khan in “Ektu Prem Dorkar,” produced by Shapla Media.

At the launching event of the film back in June, when asked about the film’s previous title Shakib Khan said: “Many people have asked me ‘what sort of name is this for a film?’ But I loved the name when I first heard it, and love is necessary to us and to save Bangladesh’s film industry.”

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