Jaaz Multimedia postpones release of ‘Dohon’ for ‘Mr Bangladesh’

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Jaaz Multimedia postpones release of ‘Dohon’ for ‘Mr Bangladesh’ Empty Jaaz Multimedia postpones release of ‘Dohon’ for ‘Mr Bangladesh’

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Jaaz Multimedia postpones release of ‘Dohon’ for ‘Mr Bangladesh’ Web-1541001438555

Jaaz Multimedia is set to postpone the release of their production “Dohon,” in order to distribute and release the KHK Productions film “Mr Bangladesh” on November 16.

“Dohon” was scheduled to be released on the same day, but the film’s producer announced the sudden change of plans in a recent press statement.

Raihan Rafi’s “Dohon,” featuring popular Dhallywood newcomers Siam Ahmed and Puja Chery, had been promoting their mid November release and was scheduled to submit the film to the Bangladesh Film Censor Board on November 10.

However, Jaaz Multimedia owner Abdul Aziz postponed the release of the film and announced that Abu Akhter Ul Iman’s debut film “Mr Bangladesh” will be released instead.

Abdul Aziz said they had decided not to launch the two films simultaneously, as they have similar plot lines.

The action thriller “Mr Bangladesh,” produced by and starring Khijir Hayat Khan, began production at the end of 2017 and completed shooting in February this year. The official trailer of the film was released on March 26, marking the Independence Day of Bangladesh.

The film’s screenplay was jointly written by Khijir Hayat Khan and Hasnat Piyash.

Meanwhile, “Dohon” recently led to controversy with the release of a music video from the film titled “Hajir Biriyani.” Indian singer Akassh Sen provided the vocals for the song.

The track went viral on social media, and had a mixed reception due to its lyrics promoting drug abuse and hooliganism. Although some people praised the storyline of the film as presented in the music video, others criticized the use of vulgar lyrics.

Furthermore, many netizens of the country created various parodies of the song.

In the action thriller “Dohon,” Siam plays a young drug addict, Puja plays a garment factory worker, and Zakiya Bari Momo plays a reporter.


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