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Din- The Day (2019) Empty Din- The Day (2019)

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Din- The Day (2019) 44407394_1992909327434900_8317912984336728064_n.jpg?_nc_cat=101&_nc_eui2=AeHC3SoqIybDWzAfvU8Qq7_LnDjfdIE0HWy_aXQo9ykFEQzzuSVT2UDMUgIgHvrEe666XKTfuDf-sxKPr4X8nhTZFn2PBxB_GHvOyudG_ipkhg&_nc_ht=scontent.fdac23-1

The film will be shot in different locations of Iran, Bangladesh, Lebanon, and Syria. The action thriller film will showcase the destruction of terrorist organization ISIS in these Muslim states and also uphold the true values of peace in Islam.

Film : Din- The Day
Directed : Murtaza Otash Jamjam (Iran)
Starring : Ananta, Barsha, Sumon Faruk and many other top celebs from Lebanon and Iran.
Producer : Ananta Jalil
Release Date : Yet to announce.

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