‘Dohon’ releases new track ‘Hajir Biriyani,’ creates controversy

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‘Dohon’ releases new track ‘Hajir Biriyani,’ creates controversy Empty ‘Dohon’ releases new track ‘Hajir Biriyani,’ creates controversy

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‘Dohon’ releases new track ‘Hajir Biriyani,’ creates controversy 0-2857562490739359744-o-1539616374314

Jaaz Multimedia’s upcoming film, starring Siam Ahmed and Puja Chery, Ripa Raj & Mamo in leading roles, releases a song from the film titled “Hajir Biriyani.”

The three and a half minute long track was released on the official YouTube channel of Jaaz Multimedia on Sunday and received more than 200,000 views within the first 24 hours since its release. “Hajir Biriyani” is being praised, criticised and trolled on social media for its lyrics describing and celebrating drug abuse, alcoholism, and even urinating on walls after getting drunk.

A man named Hridoy commented on the video song from the film: “These sort of lyrics are destroying our youth and the next generation.”

Another person named AB Sajmul mockingly wrote in the comment section: “Now I want to start urinating on walls.”

Also many fans are appreciating the song and its video whereas many netizens of the country are trolling the lyrics of this track on different social medias.

The track penned by Priyo Chattopadhyay was sung by Akassh Sen and the rap portion of the song was sung by the film’s lead Siam, which was his first time recording as a rapper.

Previously, another controversy that hit the project was actors were leaving the project one after another. At first, model and actor Azmeri Haque Badhon signed for the role of the reporter but left the project saying the sudden change of production dates for the film clashed with other projects she had already signed up for. Then popular actor Dilara Hanif Purnima signed up for the same role and later on she also left the project complaining about bad press. Finally, at the end of June Mamo signed for the role and completed the production of the project.

Siam plays a young drug addict and Puja plays a garments worker and Zakiya Bari Mamo plays a reporter in this action thriller.

The film was scheduled for release on October 5 but has been rescheduled to release sometime in November.


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