Taskeen Rahman stars as a cricketer in ‘Boyfriend’

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Taskeen Rahman stars as a cricketer in ‘Boyfriend’ Empty Taskeen Rahman stars as a cricketer in ‘Boyfriend’

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Taskeen Rahman stars as a cricketer in ‘Boyfriend’ Web42716218-783904008667879-7880638640194322432-o-1538754219400

“Dhaka Attack” famed villain Taskeen Rahman will be appearing as a hero in his upcoming romantic film “Boyfriend.”

The film focuses on a love triangle between Taskeen and two other newcomers Soumi and Lopa Nahar. Taskeen is playing a cricketer in the film and he is already excited about his role as his character’s name is similar to a famous National cricketer.

He said in a press statement: “I am playing a cricketer in 'Boyfriend.' However, the film is not on cricket. There is excitement, traditional romance and action in it. I always like a challenging character.The national team player Taskin Ahmed and my name Taskeen Rahman are different, but I think there will be a big challenge for the similarity.”

According to the chief assistant director of the film Niranjan Biswas, “Boyfriend” is all set to be submitted to the Bangladesh Film Censor Board by next week. The film has been co-directed by Uttam Akash and Nehal Datta.


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