Shakib Khan in Amitabh's Film

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Shakib Khan in Amitabh's Film Empty Shakib Khan in Amitabh's Film

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Shakib Khan in Amitabh's Film Shakib_khan_21

Shakib Khan will star in Amitabh Reza's film Rickshaw Girl. A 20 year old female actor has been cast to play the heroine. But, the director has decided not to make her name public yet. About the project Shakib Khan said, “Amitabh Reza recently came to my shooting spot. He told me about the movie. The character really grabbed my attention, and I agreed to join the film.” American writer Mitali Perkins, who has Indian origins, released the book Rickshaw Girl in 2007. It became a New York Times Best Seller. The screenplay for it was written by Sorbori Johra Ahmed. Shakib Khan is also said to star in another Amitabh Reza film, Punorojjibon, which will be produced by Jaaz Multimedia.


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